REACH Staff: Project Management Staff

Gloria Palmisano, MA is responsible for the project's operational management, fiscal accountability, and assists the Project Director, Principal Investigator, Co-Investigators, and community partners in the implementation of the Community Action Plan and with data collection, analysis and dissemination activities. Mrs. Palmisano oversees adherence to timetables and work-plans, completion of reporting requirements to NIH, staffing the REACH Steering Committee and the REACH-Out Network, supervision of REACH staff, and identification of additional sources of funding and resources for project activities.

Gloria Palmisano

Michael Anderson is the Family Health Advocates (FHAs) Supervisor. Mr. Anderson maintains regular communication with the health systems, participates in the recruitment and training of the FHAs, coordinates the recruitment of families with the FHAs, and assists in the implementation of both the health system and family interventions. Mr. Anderson has been working in Detroit as a community activist for over 40 years. He is involved with many community agencies on Detroit’s eastside, and he began his work with the REACH Detroit partnership as a Family Health Advocate.

Michael Anderson